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Hey ladies and gents,
I'm Natalie Buchholz and I have done photography for 6 years now.
I'm funny, sweet, very patient with children of all ages and I'll do whatever it takes to get the shots you want for your family pictures, which includes going waist deep in the ocean with my gear lol
Some always ask where my British accent is, or if I'm really British? Lol yes I am!!! I moved to the states in 1999 and when I was in high school, I was bullied to no end about my accent. Kids would tell me to talk just so they could laugh and make fun of me so I forced myself to lose my accent to blend in while growing up.

Some ask how I came about to doing photography and the answer is simple,  
My pregnancy with my twins wasn't easy at all, we ended up in the ICU with 2 days to live but we fought. After they was born I wanted to capture everything I could because I realized life can end at any moment but hiring a photographer was so expensive, we missed bills just to capture these moments. I saved and got a camera of my own. Well then my friends asked for me to do pictures because they couldn't afford a photographer. Well then word got out and their friends started asking haha. That is when I said to my self "I think it may be time to get a business license "
Here I am 6 years later all because of my clients. I didn't do this, all of you did. The ones that have hired me brought me to where I am. And with that I give a huge THANK YOU! 
Thank you so much to those that believed in me and didn't down me!

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